Wednesday, January 20, 2010

[-Chapter 21-]

Didn't proof read it, but after ages; it's finally up.
Kris's POV

The road trip is over, and I find myself surprisingly in a good mood even though we lost both games and played like absolute shit. I never understood it before... sure, I'd go out with the guys, party it up, tell myself that I was having a good time. And I was. But that was all it ever was. A good time. It wasn't excellent, it wasn't extraordinary. As they say, it was what it was. But now, sliding into my car to head home, I'm not in a sullen mood like some of the other single guys on the team. Sure, they are going out.. they are probably going to get drunk off their asses and laid, but somehow I think I got dealt the better cards tonight. They don't have Kailyn to go home to..

They all assume that I'm in a rush to get home because I'm going to get laid too... and naturally I let them think what they want to. There is no use trying to tell those guys that I'm not getting any tonight, and I probably won't get lucky in the morning either. I've seen the shit eating grins they get when they know I'm meeting up with Kailyn after games. The way they pat me on the back on my way out doesn't help matters. They think I'm in there.. they think I'm getting what every man wants.. But I'm not like that. Not about Kailyn anyways.

At least to an extent.

To say I don't think about it would be a fib. To say it hasn't gotten harder for me to resist since she's gotten more comfortable around me, therefore there is more of a lack of clothing now, would be an absolute lie. And to say I'm not dying of absolute anticipation would be a complete fallacy.

But as I pull into my drive way, I do just like I would every other night; take a deep breath to lower my heart rate from thinking about her, and get all X-rated thoughts out of my mind.

Climbing out of my car, I try to make the least amount of noise possible. I move to the door, shutting it softly before glancing around the room, only to find that there is a minimal amount of lights on and it is dead silent. I walk around the corner from the kitchen to the dining room, only to find it vacant once again aside from the mass amount of school books lying on my table and a lamp close to that vicinity turned on. I glance up the stairs at my bedroom, but the door is shut, just like I left it before the road trip, so I'm guessing she's not there either. Sighing in frustration, I can only hope that she didn't stand me up. She said she would be here when I got back..

I lean back against the kitchen counter and run my hands through my hair, a habit she says is my 'tell' of when I'm frustrated or not. I ponder over the reasons she isn't here, but then I catch a glimpse of her books out of the corner of my eye. I walk over to the table and glance down at the paper she has sitting on top of them. They look to be some sort of notes, and in the top corner is bright red it says 'Test Wed. 12th'. Pulling out my cell phone, I check the date only to find that it's the 11th. A smile spreads across my face as I realize she must be here somewhere. She'd never leave her books lying around the night before a test.

Walking away from the table, I move back into the living room where I see Archie pop his head up over the top of the couch. I smile at his excited form before shaking my head and leaving to look in all the other bedrooms for her. I get a couple of steps away when I realize that Archie isn't yet big enough to see over the top of the couch on his own.

I walk back over to the couch, petting his head before peaking over, finding Kailyn on the couch, text book in hand, glasses on, and completely passed out. I chuckle before moving over toward her, taking the book from her hand and scooping her up in my arms and take her upstairs.

I lay her on the bed, and she stirs a little as I move away from her, and the next thing I know she's grabbing my arm, not allowing me to move any further.

"What time is it?" she mumbles while rubbing her eyes with her free hand. She's got to be the most adorable exhausted person I think I've ever seen.

I glance down at my phone once again before replying, "A little after one," before pushing her hair out of her face and reaching for her glasses, taking them off and setting them on the night stand next to the bed. "Get some sleep," I add before leaning down and kissing her on the forehead. I'm about to get up again when she grabs my arm again, making me look down at her.

"Can you just hold me for a while," she mumbles while scooting over in the bed. "It feels like I haven't seen you in ages," she pouts while looking over her shoulder at me.

I simply not my head while grinning ever so slightly before slipping out of my shoes, removing my jeans and taking my shirt off and then crawl in bed with her.

As we lay there, nothing is said between the two of us, but as I sit with my head pressed to her back, I listen to the sound of her heart beating.

It amazes me how that simple sound can still make me nervous after all this time.