Tuesday, August 4, 2009

[-Chapter 19-]

It's kind of a short one, but this one got requested to be updated along with others, and I just got back from vacation so I'm doing the best I can. :-)
Kailyn's POV

After deciding that provoking him was just down right mean, especially since even though I was coming around to the idea, I knew that I wouldn't be acting on my threats in the near future. At least that's what I keep telling myself, but every time I'm around him it keeps getting that more tempting and that much harder to turn his cute baby face down. Luckily for me, this time I had a distraction to tear myself away; my phone rang. He gave me a peck on the cheek before heading into the kitchen and cleaning up, part of our regular routine. I loved cooking but hated cleaning it up, and he was more than willing to pick up after me if it meant getting a home cooked meal. We worked together well in situations like that. After he had finished cleaning up and no longer than 5 seconds after I had hung up my cell phone I felt his arms snaking around me waist, his head following suit and resting on my shoulder, something he almost had to hunch over to do.

"Who was that?" he asks before kissing my neck lightly, having the same effect he normally does; making me squirm like crazy.

"Lacy," I reply simply, cocking my neck to the side a little bit to give him more space to work with.

"What did she want?" he prods, wanting more detail than I'm giving him, something else that happens regularly.

"For me to go have coffee with her, Ty, and Jodi."

"Then what are you still doing standing here? Shouldn't you be getting ready?" he asks, confusion crossing his once simple face.

"I'm not going," I reply while turning around so that I'm facing him. I start to get closer to his chest, just wanting to rest there, but his arms that are on my hips lock, making me stay at least an arm length away from him.

"Why not?" he asks, keeping me the same distance away from him even though I'm struggling against him.

"Because I want to stay here with you," I answer simply while shrugging my shoulders.


"What do you mean no?" I ask incredulously, getting slightly defensive as my voice starts to get an edge to it. A smirk crosses his face, almost as if he is amused with the way I'm behaving.

"I mean no," he replies simply, leaning down to place a kiss on my cheek even though I'm trying to squirm away from him now. I stick my lip out in a attempt to pout, but even that just has him chuckling at me and rolling his eyes playfully. "Someone has a birthday coming up," he says while taking his first finger and tapping my nose, making me giggle in response. "And how am I ever suppose to get any shopping done if I can't get away from you long enough," he jokes while ruffling up my hair. I stick my tongue out at him, childish I know, but satisfying nonetheless.

"Okay," I reply while pulling him down on the couch next to me. "I'll go," I continue before starting to place kisses down his jawline. "But there is one catch."

"Oh God, please let it be easier to handle than the previous one," he mumbles, almost more to himself than to me, but it has me smirking anyways.

"It is, promise," I say while holding me hand up and crossing two fingers to show I'm being serious. "We're gonna play rock paper scissors for it." He looks as me incredulously as I pull one leg up on the couch, making it easier for me to face him before opening one hand flat and putting my other hand on top of it in a fist, the typical starting point for my game.

"Rock paper scissors?" he questions, his brow furrowing as he continues to look at me. I nod my head, making him laugh at me before he places his hands like mine.

"3 out of 5. You win, I go. If I win, I stay," I say, laying down the rules to which he only nods his head at me. He picks rock every time, but I switch it up and pick scissors, paper, scissors, and then scissors one last time, which has him beating me. I'm looking at him like I can't believe I just got beat, and he just smirks at me.

"The odds always favor rock," he says through his smirk.

"The odds?" I ask, and he just nods his head at me in return. "Great, so you just hustled me at rock paper scissors," I continue while shaking my head and laughing slightly.

"Mhmm," he replies while standing up and pulling me up off the couch with him. "Now be a good little loser and go get ready." I stick my tongue out at him once more before heading for the shower.