Monday, June 13, 2011

[-Chapter 22-]

Kailyn's POV

I wake up in the early hours of the morning out of habit. I crack my eyes open to look at the alarm clock that reads 5:13. I pull the covers up closer to my face, snuggling back in the bed and back into Kris's arms, which makes this my favorite part of my day. He does it out of habit, but as his arms snake around me in an anaconda-like vice, I don't mind at all. In fact, I squirm my way back closer to him, maybe even a little too close as I feel a certain something come to life.

I sigh before taking his hand in mine and lightly kissing his knuckles. I turn around to face him, pushing his sexy hair out of his face before trailing my hands down from his shoulders to his abs, lightly tracing the out line of them. But then my hand lingers, just at that goody trail that leads to the recently awaken beast that lies underneath his boxers. And I do mean beast.. And yes, this is not the first time I've noticed this, and no, I don't have experience in this area, but judging by the size of my hand compared to the situation in front of me, I know damn well that saying he is well endowed would not be a lie.

I bite my lip nervously, my hand nearly inches from the bulge in his underwear, and I just stare at him as I start to clam up. I've been thinking long and hard about this for a while, and in the course of the 4 months that I have known Kris, I can't help but feel extremely close to him. And he obviously cares for me. He's never once tried to push me past any limits I didn't want to break down yet. Not that it didn't clearly take a massive amount of strength and restraint on his side, because I know I haven't exactly taken it easy on him. And who could? The instant he starts kissing me my body betrays me, wanting to do all kinds of naughty things while my mind on the other hand can't quite catch up and keeps saying no.

The difference now is that I know that I'm ready, that I'm ready for this and I'm ready for him. And when I say him, I mean him completely. This is something I never wanted to admit, but I don't think I could imagine my life without him now.

Taking a deep breath and nestling my head into his neck, I extend my hand those last couple of inches and grab him lightly through his shorts. I get a small unconscious whimper in response, and it's automatically gratifying, making me tighten my grasp, to which he extends his pelvis. I start slowly moving my hand up and down while pressing my lips to his, and it's then that he finally wakes up, although slightly disoriented. My actions have obviously taken him by surprise as his eyes go wide and his bode freezes, but mine doesn't as I slowly continue the movement of my hand. He reaches down and grabs my hand in his, squeezing it gently while I look up into his deep, clouded eyes.

"Kailyn," he starts, but I don't want to listen to his rational explanation as to why we should stop right now.

Kris's POV

"Just kiss me," she whispers in an almost inaudible voice while once again starting the motion of her hand. I take a deep breath, trying to keep my composure, but let's face it, it's been a while since "little Kris" has had any action, and I'm finding it very hard to ask her to stop, so I kiss her just as she asks, but timidly. If she's just trying to explore, then I have to do my best to let her. And so maybe I'll have to take a cold shower later, but to me it would be worth it as her lips work magic on mine. She lightly tugs on my shoulders, indicating she wants to roll over until I'm on top of her and in between her legs.

For the life of me, as I can almost feel the heat from the center of her core, I can't decide if this is heaven or if this is hell.

Her touches are driving me crazy, so I finally decide to give her a little taste of her own medicine. I'm also suspecting that I'll be able to keep control of myself better as long as she's at my mercy, and I'm not at hers.

I push her down into the bed, kissing her neck while slowly moving my hand up and gently rubbing her through the thin fabric of her panties. I get a low groan in response, and it makes me want to rip her shirt and panties off and push myself deep inside of her, but instead I take a deep breath, pulling my composure together and lift myself off of her body to give a little space in between us, to which she slightly objects.

Kailyn's POV

He lifts his head up and studies my face, kisses me lightly on the lips once and then pulls away, pushing my hair slightly out of my face. I don't know how to respond to his sudden retraction.

"Is something wrong?" I ask in a small voice, hoping I didn't make an idiot of myself by trying to start something here tonight. He clears his voice before speaking up.

"I just don't want to do anything you aren't comfortable with," he says with a small shrug of his shoulders. His comment instant makes the butterflies churn in my stomach. This is what he does to me. He is just so sweet to me that it definitely can't be good for my ego. I look up into his eyes, seeing for the first time how hard he's trying to behave, and honestly, all it makes me want to do is be naughty.

I reach down to the hem of my shirt and slowly pull it over my head as I watch his greedy eyes taking in every inch of skin that is exposed to him. He shakes his head before slamming his lips down on mine, hungrily kissing my neck and collar bone before his kisses once again become slow and sweet, obviously regaining his control. But the strange thing is, I don't want him to be in control. I want to see him let go, using me however he sees fit.

"Touch me again," I whisper breathily into his ear, taking his hand and guiding it to where I want it to be. He uses more pressure this time, and I try as hard as I can to not squeal in response but I fail, only making him more eager.

Kris's POV

She's trying to kill me, that's all there is to it. She's trying to literally make my brain explode as I try to take my time and try to think about anything but the way she's so wet. So instead, I withdraw my hand and push myself up against her, rubbing myself against her center in an attempt to get some kind of relief for myself, but it only makes her whimpers get louder and in return makes me get that much harder, as if I thought that was even possible.

I take another deep breath, grabbing one of her breasts in my hand and giving it a gently squeeze before slowing dragging my thumb around her nipple, watching as it hardens at my touches. I look down at her, only to find her eyes meeting mine as we hold it's others gazes. She slowly reaches down and beings to remove her panties, the only article of clothing keeping me from the hot pool between her legs. I know it will take every ounce of control I have to make myself behave, but I can only watch as she shimmies out of them and tosses them onto the ground.

"Now yours," she commands quietly before gently stroking me once again, reminding me once again about the current situation I'm in. She pulls my boxers off and throws them on the ground before I can even think to stop her. She leans up to kiss me, but I stop her.

"Kailyn?" I manage to muster out, knowing I can't take much more of this for very long.

"I'm sure about this," she says while shaking her head, trying to get me to shut my mouth. "I'm sure about you," she whispers before looking me in the eyes as hers start to fill with tears. She pulls me down so I'm laying completely on top of her again. "I want you," she whispers, raising her hips for emphasis as if I didn't get what she meant.

"God, I want you too,"I respond, grinding against her once again as we both react with a groan. I kiss her gently, trailing my hand down and slowly inserting a finger inside of her, just to test her reaction. When she raises her hips in response again, I gently insert another finger.

"Don't make me wait any longer," she pants as I rub her clit with two fingers. I reach down and kiss her, slowly rubbing myself against her hot entrance. I position myself to enter her, but look down at her one more time, just for the final okay.

Kailyn's POV

I simply nod my head yes, and grab a handful of his hair as I brace myself for the pain I have heard is torturous. He slowly enters me, and I gasp out in pain. I instantly wish I wouldn't have as I feel him freeze, looking down at me to gauge my reaction. I try to hide them, but fail as tears begin to form in my eyes. He remains still, letting me get use to the way he stretches me wide. Almost as if trying to distract me, he moves his hands to my breasts again and his mouth to my neck. I feel myself arching my back and leaning my head to the opposite side, giving him more space. I know he's trying to make the pain go away, and it's actually working as he takes my mind off of it and onto other things.

The pain begins to subside, and I think he can tell as well as he slowly begins to move once again with slow, gentle thrusts.

Kris's POV

I continue with my gentle pace, watching as her back arches and she's almost beginning to start making little cat noises again. I can tell she's close, but I also know I'm closer. I think of all of the guys disgusting hockey habits, trying to get my mind off of anything but the beautiful woman under me.

She screams out, and when she does my name is on her tongue, making me want to slam my body down into hers in an attempt to make her scream more. She emits one last screeching yell, right before I fall over the edge with her. I lay my head on her shoulder, taking deep breaths while trying to not seem to happy that all of this finally happened.

I pick up my head only to see that tears are profusely falling from here eyes.

"I love you," she blurts out, not keeping anything from me anymore now.

I look down into her eyes, letting her see that I feel exactly the same.

"I love you too," I whisper, before softly pressing my lips to hers.

8 Years later...

... and I'm working on an update, I promise. For whoever is still out there reading, look for it to be posted within the next couple of days.