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I just thought I'd share this with all of you.. the cup touring is starting. Yay. http://www.essarcentre.ca/events.aspx?ID=208. And, if that isn't exciting enough, this little beaut showed up on the Internet.. I figured you all would be some ladies who could enjoy it. It's kind of fuzzy, but muscles? Um.. yes please. :-) lol Enjoy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

[-Chapter 16-]

I know, I had such good timing with the ending of the last post, huh? haha. Hopefully this lives up to every ones expectations, I tried to do it justice. lol

Kris's POV

Kailyn walks over toward me, a mischievous smile on her face which tells me she is up to absolutely no good.

"Ready to go?" I ask while grabbing for her hand. She nods in response, so I pull her through the crowd, waving a goodbye to the guys on our way out. We make our way outside, getting in my car and riding home in silence. When we get to my house, I help her up the stairs and into the house. I sit down on the couch, waiting for her to join me like we do every night, but she just stands a couple steps away and looks at me. I raise my hand toward her, signaling for her to join me, but that mischievous grin crosses her face again, and I can only imagine that means nothing good for me.

She takes my hand as she makes her way toward me, but she doesn't sit down next to me like she would on a normal night. Instead she sits on my lap, straddling my legs as her arms wrap around the back of my neck, my hands finding their way to her thighs instinctively before she leans down and kisses me softly. Just when I'm about to press my lips up harder to hers she pulls away, almost taunting me.

"What's this for?" I ask while kissing her cheek gently.

"Thank you..." she mumbles while trailing her hands down my chest at an achingly slow pace and placing kisses on my jaw.


Kailyn's POV

Seductive.. think seductively. Shit.. I've got nothing. It would probably be easier to think in general if I hadn't of had so much to drink. Okay... think. What would Angelina Jolie do? She would be removing clothing, no doubt about it, so I reach for his shirt and tug on it. Okay, so she'd actually probably have already been jumping him, but that idea just makes me laugh. I open my eyes to find him watching me, a cute confused look on his face. Crap.. laughing equals not seductive, not tempting. Laughing equals fail.

"For taking me out," I whisper, barely touching my lips to the shell of his ear as I once again tug on his shirt, and I swear I almost feel him shiver. That's a good sign, right? Okay, Angelina's demanding.. be demanding Kailyn. "Now stop talking.." I command while pulling away from him enough to look him in his eyes, which I swear are filled with desire, before smirking a little and leaning down to kiss him.

He's tentative at first, if not a little caught off guard, but as I press my body closer to his I feel the tension in his shoulders ease as he moves his hands from by thighs to my waist, holding onto my shirt but doing no more.. ever the gentleman.

It's then that I realize, liquor enhanced or not, I'm not acting anymore. I actually find myself giving in to him completely, and as scary as that should be, I'm not scared. I'm not timid. I'm not reserved. No, as I press my lips harder to his, I am none of these things.

I take his hands off of my shirt and put them back on my thighs, but only to pull the shirt over my head. As soon as I've got it up to my head I feel his lips on my neck, his hands wrapping around my waist to the small of my back, and suddenly I've lost all thoughts in general.

Where was I? Oh yeah.. Angelina Jolie.. demanding...

Putting my hands on his neck, I push him back away from me until his back is against the couch and I just sit there, smirking down at him. I can feel his eyes roaming over my half naked body, and I don't mind, at all, self-consciousness..? None.

I lean down toward him, kissing from his shoulder up to his ear.

"Take me upstairs," I whisper, wanting nothing more than to be with him. He pauses, so I lean back to look at him.

"Really?" he asks, cocking his head to the side a little, obviously wondering where this is coming from. I simply nod my head before leaning back down to kiss him once more.

Kris's POV

I never thought I'd be hearing those words come from her mouth, at least not when I'm not dreaming. I'm about to stand up with her in tow, but then the big picture I've been reminding myself all night flashes before my eyes again. Yes, leading her up the stairs to my bedroom right now would be rewarding in the most highest fashion, and I know that I've often imagined this moment, what it would be like, or if it would ever come, but looking at her, I can't go through with this. Even if I am cursing myself later when I'm sure I'll be taking a much needed cold shower, I can't go through with this. I feel her hands slip down to my belt buckle and I know that if I don't stop her now, I'll never be able to control myself.

"Wait," I manage to get out in a breathy tone,"we can't," I say while shaking my head, pulling her hands away from my belt and kissing the tops of both of them as I hold them in mine.

"We can," she says while nodding her head, leaning down and kissing me once again until I almost want to give in. "I'm offering you a one time deal," she says in that sultry tone I didn't know she had.

"You don't want this," I add while shaking my head no, "at least not now."

"But I do," she argues. "Look around you, there's plenty of surfaces on which to bang," she says before giggling a little and smiling. I chuckle in response, loving how cute she is when she's been drinking.

"I don't think I've ever heard you talk like that before," I laugh while cradling her head in my hands.

"That's because I learned it tonight," she says while leaning down and kissing me again before letting another giggle escape from her lips. "Come on, I'm offering, no strings attached. The word comm--," she starts before pausing and cocking her head to the side as she tries to think of the word she's trying to use. "Commitment," she says with yet another giggle after she's finally remembered it, "will never pass through my lips."

"Not easily, no," I laugh while smiling up at her.

"Come on," she says while slapping at my arm playfully before standing up at tugging on my arm. "Let's go," she continues while looking back down at me and probably wondering why I'm still seated on the couch.

"I think you should go home," I add in a soft tone. "There will be no.. banging, tonight," I add with a small smirk of my own.

"What?" she ask in disbelief. "I mean, isn't sex all you men want and think about, and the second it gets offered to you, you can't handle it? What is that?" she continues, slurring her words slightly. "So what is it, you don't want me anymore? You've proven you could have me, so you're moving on?"

"Don't ever think I don't want you," I state while shaking my head, thinking about all the times I've considered this exact situation in my mind. "I want you all the time," I add, kissing her lightly on the lips. "But you deserve better than this."

"Well, okay," she says while shrugging her shoulders. "I don't understand it, but when you think about this in the morning, you'll be sorry mister," she says while poking me, causing us both to laugh a little.

"You have no idea.." I mumble while shaking my head.

"Can I at least stay?" she asks, looking up at me with her best puppy dog eyes.

"That I think we can arrange," I answer before picking her up off the couch and heading toward the bedroom.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

[-Chapter 15-]

I know you all are waiting to see how it all ends up, but if I would have wrote it all in one chapter it would have been huge, so I broke it up into two, so you are just going to have to be patient. :-)
Kailyn's POV

We get out of the car and head inside hand in hand. He opens the door for me, and I catch his eyes lingering, but that's a good thing. Step one: make him look.. right? I smile up at him, going for anything but innocent as he gazes down at me. As we walk inside, I spot Ty and Jodi up at the bar and the guys around a table in the corner.

"I'm going to talk to Ty and Jodi," I say before kissing him lightly on the cheek as he goes toward the guys. As I walk away, I can feel eyes on me, but when I turn around it wasn't what I had expected. 'No, that's some creepy guy, wrong set of eyes' I think to myself before scuffling over to where the girls are. I sit down on a bar stool where finally my eyes meet his. I smirk at him before tossing my hair over my shoulder playfully and turning to face them.

"Well, he's definitely looking, that's for sure," Jodi chuckles while looking over at the guys. I turn around in their direction, seeing that Kris isn't the only guys' eye I'm getting attention from. I smile over at them before turning back around to face the girls.

"Well," Ty says while passing a shot down my way. "step two is to knock them back, right?" I laugh at her before grabbing it and drinking it.

"It's actually to act like you are knocking them back," Lacy says while working her hardest to slip onto the empty bar stool next to me, which would probably be a lot easier if she wasn't 6 months pregnant. "You can't get totally trashed, otherwise you might actually go through with it," she says while laughing before turning around toward the guys, all of our heads following respectively. "I mean look at him," she begins, and I know that this can only go no where good. "Mhmm, I'd hit that," she says while nodding her head, an evil smile crossing her face.

"Lacy!"I scold, slapping her on her arm while a smile crosses my face.

Kris's POV

I take another deep breath as I watch her walk over toward the rest of the girls, something I know I'll probably be doing a lot tonight. I'm attracted to her on any normal day, but I just can't keep my eyes off of her. Taking a second to collect my thoughts, I try to take a step back and look at the big picture, or at least take my focus off of the way she looks tonight, because that certainly isn't helping anything. I care about her, a lot and even as nice as it sounds to take her home and have my way with her, she's no where ready for that even if I am. I know all of these things, and I'm trying me hardest to behave but it's damn hard. Especially with the way her legs look so long in those high heels.. No. That was bad, I can't think like that or I'll never make it through the night, especially if she spends the night again. Oh crap, I hadn't even thought about that. I shake my head, trying to rid it of all mature thoughts as I sit down with the guys.

"What's with Kailyn?" Jordan asks when I sit back in my chair, catching myself glancing over at her even as hard as I try not to.

"Hmm?" I ask, not hearing what he had just said since I was in a trance.

"Kailyn," he says while pointing toward the direction of the girls. "She looks..."

"Hot," the rest of the guys chime in when Jordan is at a loss of words. I turn to look at them, starring all of them down before someone speaks up to explain.

"I mean she does normally too, it's just tonight... damn," Max says while shaking his head in approval.

"I know," I mumble, knowing all too well what he's saying as I sit and watch her take a couple of shots.

Kailyn's POV

We've been here for a couple of hours by the time Kris finally pulls me off the dance floor. I do just as Lacy and the rest of the girls instructed me, dance close to him but anytime he puts his hands on me, squirm out of his reach, driving him crazy no doubt. We make our way back to the bar where Lacy is still sitting because she is quite pregnant, and Ty is still sitting because she's not old enough to drink. If it weren't for Geno, she'd be standing outside begging to be let in, but being Stanley Cup Champions does have a large amount of pull..

I take a shot off the bar and drink it, only to find everyone starring at me.

"Don't you think you should stop?" Kris whispers in my ear as he pulls my hand away from the bar and away from another shot.

"Too late," I say while shaking my head. "I'm already drunk," I add with a shrug of my shoulders, making him laugh at me. I'm about to pull him closer to me when Lacy grabs my hand.

"We're just gonna head to the ladies room, be back soon," she calls over her shoulder. She drags me behind her, pulling me through the door and locking it after she checks to make sure nobody else is in here with us.

"What are you doing?" I ask, probably a little louder than needed. "I'm ready to go home and--" I don't even get a full sentence out before it feels like my cheek is on fire. I place my hand on my cheek before I look up at Lacy who is just starring back at me. "Did you just slap me?"

"Sorry girlfriend, but you needed it," she says while rubbing my shoulders. "The idea was to act like you were drinking, not get totally wasted."

"I know, but I was just--" Once again, my cheek is tingling again, a sort of feeling I really can't stand. "Would you stop doing that?!" I yell, only to have her grab me by my shoulders, making sure I'm listening to her.

"Oh god, you're trashed. Brilliant," she mumbles more to herself than to me. "Do you remember the plan?" she asks suddenly.

"Yes, take him home, throw myself at him," I mumble to myself, praying that the room stops spinning before I do a face plant.

"And stop yourself if he doesn't. Don't give him anything you aren't ready for," she instructs. I nod my head in response before we head out of the door. I see Kris standing there waiting for me, our coats in hand before I walk over to him, a smile on my face.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

[-Chapter 14-]

Kailyn's POV

After finishing up lunch with Lacy, we head back to Kris's house because she's dying to meet him. I texted him, giving him a heads up and he went along with it like normal. Ty and Jodi also came over because Lacy thought that all of the girls needed to be in on the secret, just in case help was needed. We all sit in Kris's living room, discussing tonight.

"So what was so urgent we had to come over to discuss immediately?" Ty asks while sitting down on the couch across from me.

"Well you know Kris and I are starting to get pretty close," I start, both Ty and Jodi nodding their heads as smiles creep onto their faces. "Well--"

"She wants to find out if he just wants in her pants," Lacy interrupts, catching everyone off guard as I can only shake my head. Ever heard about the idea of opposites attracting? That is the only explanation I can come up with as to why we are best friends.

"Kailyn," Jodi starts while stifling a laugh, "you know he cares about you."

"I know," I reply, knowing completely that she is right, and he does. "But I need to know how much, I need to see if what is important to me is important to him too."

"Good point," Ty says while slightly tilting her head back and forth, taking into consideration what I've just said. "Count me in."

"What do you want us to do?" Jodi asks with a devilish smile while leaning in closer to the table we are all centered around.

"It's simple really," Lacy answers. "We all go out tonight, drink a little, then let her bring him home and come onto him and see what his reaction is."

"This is mean on so many levels," Ty says while shaking her head, but I can see the smile on her face.

"Just because you jumped Geno within two weeks doesn't mean everybody works that way," Jodi jokes, causing us all to bust up laughing. Seconds later Kris walks through the door and all of us go completely silent. He looks over at us and then at me as he sits his hockeybag down by the door.

"Am I interrupting something, ladies?" he asks with a smile before bending down and dropping a quick kiss on my forehead on his way into the kitchen to get a drink.

"No, they were actually just leaving," I say while starring at them until they get the hint and start to get up.

"See you later tonight," Lacy calls over her shoulder before they all disappear behind the door.

"What's happening tonight?" he asks while walking out of the kitchen where I meet him. I hold back all comments like 'Oh, if only you knew," or "Nothing good for you.." and manage to hold my laughter to myself and just smile as he wraps his arms around my waist.

"The girls want to go out," I answer simply. He nods his head, probably knowing that was coming. "Will you take me?" I ask, hoping I don't need to do any convincing.

"Yeah," he replies, nodding his head once again.

"Okay," I say before giving him a quick kiss. "Pick me up at 9," I call over my shoulder before turning around and smiling at him before leaving.

I sit on my bed in my dorm room next to Jeremy, Lacy's husband as she rummages through my closet. Since I've always been a nerd, she doesn't seem to think I can dress myself, which is why she insisted on coming over and helping.

"Are you about done?" I call out, but the only response I get is more clothes flying out of my closet into the No pile.

"She's been looking forward to this day for 5 years, so I doubt it," Jeremy whispers before we both chuckle quietly, but not quiet enough.

"What did you say?" Lacy says when she comes out of my closet, obviously knowing we are up to something.

"Nothing dear," Jeremy answers with a smile.

"Bullshit," Lacy responds, throwing a shoe at him that he just barely dodges before they both just smile at each other. "Have you never tried to seduce a man before?" she asks while heading back toward my closet. "All you clothes are so.. conservative."

"No,"I answer honestly, looking in the mirror at my make up and hair which she has already fixed for me. I look nothing like myself, I could actually pass for hot instead of just cute or possibly even nerdy..

"Here," she says while coming out of my closet and handing me a shirt I didn't even know I owned with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans. "Go change," she instructs while pointing to the bathroom.

I pull on the clothes she gave me, not really believing what I see in the mirror. I could very well look border line hooker right now. I open the door to find both of them now sitting on my be, waiting for me to come out. I stand timidly in the door frame, pulling on the low cut top and wishing it covered more.

"You look hot," Lacy says while shaking her head and resting her hands on her stomach once again. "Don't you have contacts or something?" she asks while reaching for my glasses after I've walked over to them, but Jeremy's hand meets hers there.

"No leave them, they look hot," he says while pulling her hand away. Lacy whips her icy glare to him, but he just continues to sit there and shake his head in an up and down motion, obviously approving. She slaps his thigh to get his attention, and he just gives her a 'What?' look before shrugging his shoulders.

I'm about to head into the bathroom to change when I hear Kris pull up, and I know it's too late to now. I look over at Lacy and Jeremy one last time before sighing and reaching for my purse.

"Knock him dead," Lacy says while getting up and shoving me toward the door. "Good luck, and we'll meet you there in a little bit."

I sigh one last time, trying to get rid of any last minute nerves before heading out the door and toward his car.

Kris's POV

I watch as she comes outside, and I have to do a double take. To say she looks completely different would be an understatement. Don't get me wrong, she always looks good, but damn.. with the way her ass is squeezed into those jeans, her hips swaying as she walks to the car, it takes every once of self control I have not to start drooling right now. And then she gets closer, and I finally get a better look at the shirt she's wearing, at the way it shows off her ample chest. The sound of the car door opening and closing pulls me out of my trance, but then I see she still has her glasses on. She just got in the car, and it already feels like I'm having issues breathing, like it got 100 degrees hotter. 'Damn.. it's going to be a long night' I think to myself before swallowing and taking a deep breath, holding her hand in mine as she smiles before starting the car pulling out onto the street.

Monday, June 22, 2009

[-Chapter 13-]

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Kailyn's POV

After sitting through hours of classes, I make my way to meet my best friend, Lacy, at the cafe we always go to. Things are moving so fast with Kris. I feel like I've been dating him for months, that I could trust him no matter what, but all of that is just really starting to freak me out, which is where Lacy comes into the picture. Lacy and I have been friends since we were about 7, so she knows me inside and out. Most of the time she can tell exactly what I'm feeling within seconds from just being around me. Normally, she's the one that tells me what I'm too naive to believe without prompting. She's been studying abroad for the past couple of months and today is the first time I'll see her since she's gotten back.

I walk through the doors, finding her sitting in our regular booth.

"Hey Lacy," I greet with a warm smile while sitting down and grabbing a menu, even though I practically have what is on it memorized, but for some reason I just feel like I need to keep my hands busy, like as if doing that maybe she won't be able to read me so easily.

She smiles back, starring at me intently as I look over the menu. I look back up to meet her eyes, and the patronizing look I see on her face tells me this is already going to be bad.

"What?" I ask innocently, shifting uncomfortably in my seat from her icy glare.

"Who's the guy?" she asks while tipping her head to the side, taking my every move into consideration I'm sure.

"What guy?"

"The one you're in love with," she says quietly while leaning across the table toward me.

"I'm not in love with him," I say defiantly while shrugging my shoulders and adverting my gaze back down to the menu that is shaking slightly in my hands now. Damn her and her super senses..

"OH MY GOSH, THERE IS A GUY!" she shrieks, causing everybody in the small, quiet cafe to turn and look at us. She doesn't pay them the slightest bit of attention, but I know my cheeks are getting red from all the attention.

"Lacy, be quieter," I whisper yell to her, but she still has a huge smile on her face and is almost bouncing up and down in her seat now. She takes a deep breath, her smile fading as she shows she's composed before leaning over the table again, her smile appearing once again.

"What's his name?" she asks calmly.

"Kris Letang," I reply extremely quietly, turning my face to the side as I feel my cheeks get hot again.

"WHAT?!" she shrieks again, causing everybody in the room to look over in our direction for the second time. "Like Kris Letang as in Kristopher Letang, as in Penguins hockey hunk?!"

"Shh, Lacy!" I whisper yell, looking directly at her this time.

"Okay, sorry," she says while raising her arms in surrender. "Well, that Kris Letang?" she presses on.

"Yes, you seem to be describing him well," I say, not being able to contain the smile from creeping onto my face, which almost throws her into a fit of kicks and giggles.

"How could you forget to mention something like this to me though? I'm kinda hurt," she pouts while raising her hands to her heart in a mocking way.

"Maybe the same way you forgot to tell me you were getting married, or how you are pregnant," I start, throwing out a lot of topics that seemed to slip her mind.

"Okay, point taken," she says while shaking her head, her hand self-consciously resting on her now swollen stomach just like it always does. "So you seem troubled about something, wanna talk about it?"

"You've lost your touch," I say with a smile, knowing that she knows exactly what I'm talking about. Months earlier, she wouldn't have had to of asked, she would have known.

"I've lost my touch, I've lost my figure, I've lost all control over what and how much I eat," she says while once again resting her hands on her stomach. "It just all goes down hill after 5 months, let me tell you."

"Have you picked names yet?" I ask, hoping to put off the conversation I know she's going to want to have.

"Jayden for a girl and Peyton for a boy, but stop changing the subject," she says with a smile.

"Well, I'm scared I guess," I offer, swirling my straw around in the cup in front of me.

"Typical Kailyn syndrome again?" she asks with a laugh, a motherly look coming across her face that makes me realize just how good of a mother she's going to be when the time comes. "What are you afraid of?"

"It's just happening so fast," I admit with a sigh. "He mentioned family today, like meeting them and then that really got me to thinking. This is all getting serious so fast, and I find myself depending on him, which is partly what scares me. I've never depended on anybody before, I've always been by myself, and even if it's nice to have someone to share stuff with, even that's scary, knowing I have to tell somebody everything. And then, most guys are all about sex. What if that's what he's after? I mean you know I haven't ever--"

"Slow down," she says with a laugh. "I know you haven't, but maybe he's not like that?"

"He doesn't seem to be," I sigh, my thoughts automatically going back to him, the way his hair hangs in his face when he just takes off his helmet, the way a smile crosses his face when he first sees me. I hear Lacy chuckle, and I look up to find her looking back at me, and I know that she knows that I was just thinking about him, so I just smile at her.

"You've told him though, right?" she asks, to which I just nod my head yes in response. "How did he take it?"

"Pretty well, I mean I was the one freaking out, jumping to conclusions and what not," I admit, knowing that it's very truthful. "I mean he took it as well as any man could, knowing that the deed won't be done for a while," I joke. She laughs at me before she squints her eyes like she normally does when she is in deep concentration.

"Maybe you could like test him or something?" she asks, moving her empty plate aside and scooting mine to the middle of the table where she can start in on my fries.

"Test him? What do you mean?"

"You know, like throw yourself at him, see if he has any restraint or not," she asks with a devilish grin.

"Test him," I say out loud, mostly to myself, rolling the idea around in my mind. "Isn't that kind of mean though?" I ask after seconds of deliberation.

"So is just wanting to get in your pants," she says with a shrug.

"True," I laugh, sitting back and listening to her idea of how things should go down and not being able to stop thinking that I've missed her and her wacky ideas, but mostly thinking about how I hope he passes the test. Oh, how I pray he does, I've already started to get too attached..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

[-Chapter 12-]

Short update in between boat rides, more coming soon, promise. :-)
Kailyn's POV

I feel like I've just been slapped in the face, maybe even a couple times. Not only that, I feel like my equilibrium has been set off, making it very hard for me to remain on the stool I'm perched on for fear of falling off of it into a heap on the floor all on top of fact that I think I'm hyperventilating. Yes, that's how freaked out I am.

It's been almost a month and a half, and he's already dropping the M word?

"Kailyn?" he asks, whistling to get my attention. My vision comes back into focus enough that I can finally see him leaning on the counter in between us, obviously amused at my lack of concentration.

"Sorry," I reply with a smile while shaking my head. "I've actually got to get going though," I continue while hopping off my seat and walking over to the sink and placing my plate in it, his eyes fixed on me the whole time. "Thank you for breakfast," I add while kissing him lightly on the lips and attempting to walk away, but he grabs me by my waist, not telling me get any further away.

"So you're just gonna eat and run?" he asks with a smile while pulling me onto his lap. "My cooking couldn't have been that bad," he jokes.

"No," I sigh while shaking my head. "Very good, promise," I say while sticking my pinky up, his quickly wrapping around it in our sacred pinky promise.

"Well then, what's up?" he asks. I bite my bottom lip, a nervous habit I know I need to break because I've just given myself away, now he knows somethings wrong. "Did I do something, say something?" he questions while taking my hand in his, subconsciously rubbing his thumb over the back of my hand, making me relax just a little.

"I.. ugh, you.." I stutter, before giving up on words and just looking up at him and shrugging my shoulders, not knowing how to start. He just smiles at me in response, obviously getting kick out of my uneasiness. I hit him in the chest, but even that just makes him laugh.

"I'm sorry," he says while raising his free hand up to his face, trying to cover his smile, but he can't get anything past me. "Please continue."

"Don't laugh," I demand, in a nice tone of course though. He raises his hands in surrender so I begin. "You said something about your mom early," I state with a shrug, but he just continues to stare at me, clearly not catching on so I continue. "Something about meeting her.."

"Oh," he replies nonchalantly. "Well yeah, I'm sure eventually you will. I was just saying hypothetically, if you met her, you'd like her."

I sigh in relief, causing him to laugh before taking my head in his hands and kissing me lightly.

"So are we good now?" he asks after he breaks away. I shake my head yes in response, not knowing what else to do. "Good," he says while a smile. "Now get out of here," he jokes while pushing me off the stool and in the direction of the door. I stick my tongue out at him, which makes him laugh at me like he always does, before I head to class.

Monday, June 15, 2009

[-Chapter 11-]

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Kris's POV

The movie finally ends and I look down at her, only to find that she is fast asleep. I move my arm a little, thinking she will wake up, but no. Nothing. She doesn't stir the slightest bit. I move my arm more, but she still only snuggles closer to me.

Not knowing what else to do, I pick her up and carry her into my bed room. After her being so forward earlier, the least I can do is let her have my bed tonight. I lay her down, grabbing a blanket and throwing it over her before reaching for the light and turning it off. I look down at her one last time, a smile growing on my face before I turn to head downstairs to sleep on the couch when she reaches out and grabs my hand.

"I don't bite," she murmurs through a smile before scooting over, leaving me room to lay down as she pulls me toward the bed.
"I don't know," I say while laying down, getting under the cover as she raises it for me before she snuggles up next to me. "I've heard the shy ones are the ones you've got to watch out for," I add while looking down at her, waiting for her reaction.
"This is true," she says with a little nod of her head before laughing and closing her eyes once again.
I don't know how I get myself into these situations. I like her, really like her, but now I'm almost afraid to even touch her, thinking that if I take things even the littlest bit to far, she might think I'm some kind of womanizer just trying to get her in bed, and even though at times I've wondered exactly what kind of body she's rocking under those clothes, I would never do something like that. That's why the guys say I'm still single and not getting any. I'm the nice guy, forever in the friend zone. Well, they were right about one thing, I definitely still won't be getting any now..
But that's okay.. I think Kailyn is more than worth it. She makes me smile, and I even look forward to seeing her after practices and games.
And she understands that sometimes I just can't hang out, I just don't have the time. She has her own things going for her, like countless hours of classes that she has to go to, countless hours of homework to do, so in the end it evens out. In fact, I think she has had to cancel plans just as many times as I have. I sigh before knowing that nothing else will be figured out tonight and giving in to how tired I am and quickly falling asleep.
Kailyn's POV
I enjoy a deep and peaceful sleep, but the smell of food brings me out of it the next morning. I get out of bed, walking down the stairs toward the kitchen, the smell getting stronger with every step I take. I continue walking until he's spotted me, but he just smiles before turning his back to me and continuing with what he was doing before. I sit down at the bar, watching him as he works before he places a cup of orange juice in front of me.
"Thank you," I offer, but he just smiles at me before turning back around. "You do know that women find men that can cook extremely sexy."
"Really?" he asks over his shoulder. "No. No, I didn't know that," he adds while turning around and leaning against the counter across from me.
"Mhmm," I murmur before taking a drink of my orange juice. "Because you've just had no experience with the opposite sex at all.." I joke.
"Women are a blur before you," he jokes back before turning around, turning his attention back to cooking.
"Wow, you're good," I laugh, knowing that I'm surely not the first his smooth talking has been used against. "Okay, I just have one question."
"Do you actually know how to cook?" I ask, making him turn around to look at me to see if I'm serious.
"How about a little faith.."
"I'm just asking, do you or do you not know how to cook?"
"Not a whole lot, but breakfast yes."
"This is your last chance to bail, I'm sure we could still make it to McDonalds in time for their breakfast menu..."
"Too late," he says while placing a plate in front of me. "It's done."
"Wow," I say while nodding my head in approval. "It sure does look good."
"It tastes so much better, promise," he adds with a smile before reaching for the syrup, drizzling it over the french toast before reaching for the sugar as well. He cuts a bite off, raising it to my mouth which I accept without a fight.
"You win," I confess while raising my hands, signaling defeat. "You are a very good cook." He just smiles at me in return, so I continue. "Who taught you?"
"My mom," he says while turning back around to make a plate for himself. "You're going to love her when you meet her."
Wait, what? When I meet her..?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

[-Chapter 10-]

So, I've been told this is the story that you all are dying for an update from. *cough* Kate + Tavin.. :) lol If you guys say what story you can't wait to read the next chapter to, I'll try my best to get it done first or make it a main priority. Idk about you all, but I keep getting my leading ladies mixed up. When I go through to proof read it, sometimes there will be a Rylie or a Andie mixed up in here, and I'm like wtf.? haha So I'm apologizing in advance for if that ever happens. :-) This is a short one (I know, it's been happening a lot here recently. I suck..) but it's all I've got time for tonight.. Sorry for the funky spacing, Idk how to fix it. :-S
Kailyn's POV
Note to self: Drinking is definitely not my thing.
I know it makes me say whatever is on my mind, and I know I would have had to have told him eventually, but I know that the whole 'I'm a virgin' speech is not one guys like to hear or participate in. For one, it scares the hell out of them. They all think that if by this point if we still are, we are waiting for Prince Charming, and that's some massive competition. Not to mention it puts pressure on them to be all romantic and polite when they probably have so many other things on their mind than that. It makes it more than the typical romp in the sheets, it makes it more special and meaningful, which also scares the hell out of them. Most of them run away screaming, not wanting the girl to get to attached or are in denial about the fact that they have a commitment now, or even far worse she falls in love with them. No, none of that is what a young hockey player wants to hear. If any of that goes down, it makes it hard for them to have their cake and eat it too.
My thoughts are moving so quickly through my mind that I hardly have time to think one all the way through before another one comes bouncing through, erasing the previous one completely.
All of this has me seriously considering slapping myself in the face, but I know that that would just make me look crazy on top of just safe, which in turn insinuates being completely boring, and who wants to be with a dead beat much less be her first, so instead I make a mental note to do it later, when I'm alone and he isn't watching me.
It's then that I come to the realization that he probably is still looking at me, but I can't tell because I have my eyes squeezed shut, too afraid to open them and see the deer caught in headlights look I'm sure is apparent on his face.
Maybe, just maybe when I finally get the courage to open them he won't be there. No, I could open my eyes and find myself alone in my dorm room, all of it just a dream or fictional events created by my imagination. It could be possible.. after all I did drink a lot tonight. I peek one eye open, and when I see him sitting there, the slightest look of amusement on his face caused by my mental break down I'm sure, I can only come to one conclusion...
I am going to be a damn good lawyer, because I definitely had myself convinced it wasn't real, this isn't real, but then I can still feel my lips tingling from where his had been moments before, and then I wonder how I could have ever doubted that this was really happening.
I open both eyes fully, still trying my best to hide behind my glasses which makes him chuckle before he reaches up and tucks my hair out of my face.
Damn him, if he's going to boot me out the door he could at least have some decency and stop playing games.
"I'm gonna head home," I state quietly while crawling off his lap and reaching for my coat, but his hand quickly wraps around mine and pulls me back down on the couch and into his lap.
"You can't seriously be leaving now," he starts while shaking his head, making me wish I could disappear, because this is definitely not something I want to talk about. "The movie is barely even half over. You said it was your favorite, I want to see why," he finishes with a warm smile.
I lean back against the side of the couch, draping my legs over his and wondering how I got so lucky as he covers me back up with a blanket. I can tell he is wondering, but won't ask about it for my benefit because he must have picked up on how tense I had gotten all of a sudden..
"What?"he asks when he realizes I'm still starring at him.
"Do you not want to talk about it?" I ask, trying my hardest to remain calm. "I feel like I owe you an explanation or something," I admit, my cheeks turning a shake of pink I'm sure.
"You don't owe me anything," he says with a shrug, his gaze still focused on the TV. "I do think it's kinda cute though," he adds with a smirk while putting his hand under my chin and lightly kissing my nose and then my forehead.
"Yes," he adds with a laugh, probably wondering why he has to repeat himself so many times before I finally believe him. "My innocent little Kailyn.." he says while roughing up my hair.
'I'm pretty sure I'd be his anything right about now' I think to myself before smiling up at him and turning my attention back to Ladder 49.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

[-Chapter 9-]

Short update. I kinda feel like I've been neglecting this story, so I'll probably be posting more soon. And for the comment about Ladder 49, I know that's where it's from. I had to delete your comment because it's brought back up in this chapter, and I didn't want anything given away.. lol so if you thought I was being rude I'm sorry, but I can assure you I didn't intend for it to come across that way.. :-)
Kris's POV

By the end of the night, I'm pulling a very tipsy Kailyn out of the bar and into a cab. She protests a little, giggling and laughing with the rest of the girls, who have been having more than their fair share of drinks too, before finally sliding her hand in mine and allowing me to take her home.

She stumbles going up my front steps a little, and I can only laugh slightly before reaching out and catching her from falling down the 5 or so steps. She grabs onto my arm and leans on me while I unlock my door and lead her over to the couch, abandoning her for a little while to go retrieve some water and aspirin, knowing it will help cut back a little of the side affects I know she will be feeling tomorrow.

"Here," I say while handing her the pills and then the water before sitting down next to her.

"I don't feel bad," she says while shaking her head. "Promise," she adds when I just look at her.

"Trust me, you will in the morning," I say with a shake of my head and small chuckle before grabbing for the remote to the TV and flipping it on. She surprisingly takes the pills and drinks the glass of water without anymore fight, and then leans back on the couch, resting her head on my shoulder. I can't help but smile at the fact that this feels so normal, her here with me, as if we've known each other far longer than we have.

"Ooooh!" she shouts getting excited, practically scaring me to death. "Change it back, I like that movie!" she continues while wrapping her arms around mine, leaning closer to me.

"Ladder 49?" I question

"It's one of my favorites," she says with a huge smile, bouncing up and down like a small girl would if she found out she got tickets to a Hannah Montana concert.

"Never heard of it," I admit while shrugging my shoulders.

"Well it didn't get started too long ago," she says before going into detail and catching me up on what all we had missed. We watch the movie in silence, but then a bar scene comes on, and I watch as the woman of interest plays the same prank on one of the guys that Kailyn had earlier tonight on Max.

"So that's where you got that.." I say while shaking my head and looking down at her.

"I could never come up with something like that," she admits, blushing slightly. "I'm too nice." I give her a 'are you kidding me?' look, which makes her playfully slap me in the arm. "I am, you jerk," she laughs. "But when Max asked I couldn't help myself. Besides, I'm sure all the ladies in the bar were appreciative." She looks up at me, her cheeks blushing brighter than earlier before she continues. "And plus, I had to get all of their attention off of you."

She leans closer to me, wrapping her arms around my neck and bringing my lips down to hers with very little objection from me. She slips onto her knees, moving until she's straddling my legs. I continue to kiss her before moving to her neck, loving how she leans, giving me more room to work with. I rest my hands on her hips, pulling her toward me, but that's when she stiffens. She pulls back and looks at me, and I can only be thankful that she put a stop to things, because I didn't know if I would have been able to, even though I know tonight isn't the night for this, not when she's been drinking..

"Kris.." she starts, pulling one arm away from my neck to tuck her hair behind her ears.

"I know," I interrupt, not wanting her to feel like she needs to explain. "I know, I got carried away," I continue while leaning forward and placing a light kiss on her lips.

"No," she says while shaking her head. She sits there for a minute, avoiding my gaze. "I need to tell you something."

"Okay," I say while laughing a little, but when she looks at me I can see how serious she is, so my smile fades. "What is it?"

"Well," she says while shifting her gaze from mine again, crossing her arms protectively across her chest. "It's just.." she breaks off again, obviously not finding the right way to tell me.

"Kailyn," I say, getting quite impatient but trying not to show it. "What is it?"

"Well," she starts again, looking up at me so I can see how hard this is for her to say. "You'd be my first," she says while shrugging her shoulders, biting her bottom lip like she always does when she's nervous about something and then looking up at me, waiting for my reaction.

Monday, June 8, 2009

[-Chapter 8-]

Kailyn's POV

I sit through Kris's morning skate the next day, holding onto the pass he had given me a day earlier that can supposedly get me anywhere in the arena. They guys huddle up, so I get up out of my seat and head toward the locker room.

I come down a hallway and see the guys shuffling through a door, so I walk up around the corner they were coming from and see him bringing up the rear of the pack. He smiles as I approach him, and I find myself smiling uncontrollably as well.

"Hey," he greets, shifting his weight from one leg and skate to the other, and it's then that I realize just how much taller than me he is with skates on. "You gonna come to the game tonight?" he asks, taking one of his hands out of his gloves and tucking the hair that hand been hanging in my eyes behind my ear, and I can feel the way it feels like a electric current flowing from him to me, can feel the way I automatically lean into his touch.

"I have to meet with my professor," I reply, backing away from him a little bit as some of the guys come out of the locker room, shifting my gaze to the ground in front of me as I can feel my cheeks turning color, waiting for them to leave before I continue. "Sorry," I add with a shrug of my shoulders, suddenly wishing I hadn't scheduled that for tonight.

"It's okay. Gonna wish me luck?" he asks, a smirk crossing his face.

"I suppose I can manage that," I say with sighing dramatically and rolling my eyes before smiling up at him, standing on my tip toes to press my lips to his cheek. He wraps his hand around the small of my back, and I pull away a little, but we are still dangerously close. I look up at him, and as soon as I do I feel him bending down, pulling me closer at the same time until his lips touch mine. His kiss is passionate in a soft, delicate sort of way, but I feel light headed all the same. I push my lips harder to his, but he pulls away, a huge smile on his face. "Good luck..?" I manage to squeak out, noticing it sounds more like a question than a statement, which makes him chuckle.

"What time will you be done?"

"Probably around 10," I reply honestly, but he is still looking at me with a curious look on his face.

"Is this with a young, hot professor?" he asks with a laugh while cocking his head to the side.

"No, promise," I respond, "but I've actually got a class I need to get going to," I continue while starting to back down the hall.

"We are going out tonight after the game if you want to," he offers while walking toward me and to the locker room.

"What time?"

"Pick you up at 11?" he asks while opening the door a little, standing halfway in it.

"It's a date," I reply with a smile before turning and walking away.

Kris's POV

I pick her up at 11 as planned, and she looks amazing coming down the stairs that lead to her dorm room. She slides into my car, her smile as big as ever.

"Nice game," she comments as I pull out onto the road.

"I thought you were with your professor?" I ask, wondering if she ended up watching it or not. She holds her blackberry up in response, indicating she kept up with the score on her phone.

"Two assists and a power play goal, not bad," she jokes and I can only shake my head at her as we ride the rest of the way in silence.

We sit around a table, chatting with the rest of the guys that came out tonight. Kailyn's had a drink or two, and I can tell that Max thinks she is a light weight.

"Okay Kailyn, lets play a game," he says while sitting down across from her, sliding a glass of beer her way. She crosses her arms on the table and leans toward him, and I can only think that this isn't going to go well. For him, that is. I've seen that face before.. It's the face she gets when she is thinking seriously and being crafty and conniving.

"What game would that be?" she asks, giving him a smile that could fool anybody, but I know better. By this point, everybody around the table is listening.

"First one to empty their glass wins."

"Max," she says while shaking her head. "What are we playing for? There has to be stakes for losing."

"Loser runs around the bar?" he asks while looking around the bar, which is quite full for a Wednesday night.

"Naked," she adds with a smirk, Max's eyes going wide as I almost choke on my drink myself.

"Deal," Max agrees with a smile. They count down the start, but Kailyn doesn't start drinking right away, and I only pray she chugs it fast because I definitely don't want every guy in here getting a good look at her, but then she picks up her class and pours in into one of the empty ones on the table, and everyone starts laughing hysterically. Max sets his down half full, and just stares at her with a 'are you kidding me?' look.

"What?" she asks with an innocent smile this time. "You said empty my glass, you never said anything about drinking anything."

By this point, all the guys are pushing Max, shoving him out of the booth to uphold his part of the deal.

"My smart girl," I laugh while she laces her fingers with mine, leaning back in her seat to watch as Max strips down, all eyes on him.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

[-Chapter 7-]

Kate + Tavin---> Most of all of the pictures I have come from the lovely ladies here http://www.talk-sports.net/nhl/girlfriend.aspx/Evgeni_Malkin. They know their stuff, and always keep me informed. :-)

Sorry for the lack of updates on this story, I just got so caught up in the others that this one kinda got put on the back burner so to speak. I have plans for this story though, massive ones. :)

Kris's POV

I wake up and can feel Kailyn's head pressed to my side, still completely covered by blankets which can only make me laugh, she can be so dramatic sometimes. Someone knocks on the door, but Philippe just lets them in on his way out. I can only shake my head as Jordan comes trudging into the room, throwing his suitcase down on the side of the bed I'm not on, and right onto a sleeping Kailyn. She jumps from being startled, her head coming out of under the blankets. She looks up at me, her tousled hair hanging down around her face, confused before turning around and looking at Jordan and pulling her head all the way out of the covers and snuggling closer to her pillow before quickly falling asleep again. A smile crosses Jordan's face as he traces over her sleeping form and runs his eyes over Letang written on the back of the jersey she is wearing, probably connecting the dots in his head.

"My bad," he says, his smile growing as he points toward Kailyn, thinking that is indicating enough. "Looks like it worked though."

"I was talking hypothetically, I didn't think you guys would do it," I say while shaking my head and glancing over and Kailyn to make sure she's still sleeping. "And, I also was thinking along the lines of her room getting overbooked, not sabotaging her clothes," I add while pointing over to where the clothes she was wearing last night, which are now hanging over the door to the closet to dry. I see the smirk on his face grow, and I know automatically what he's going to do, but he's 5 steps closer than I am, and I'm still laying down, so I have no chance of stopping him. He grabs her bra in his hands, looking at the tag.

"34 C," he says while shaking his head in approval. "Not bad." I give him a shot to the stomach, grabbing it from him and putting it back.

"Get out of here," I say while shoving him toward the door.

"Why? You have some unfinished business to attend to or something?" he asks while turning back over his shoulder to look down at me and making a detour to the bed to pick up his suitcase.

"Just go," I say while shaking my head and once again shoving him in the direction of the door, which he slams while he's leaving. I turn around to see Kailyn raising her head, trying to figure out what's going on before laying it back down on the bed and rolling over.

Kailyn's POV

I hear the door slam and can only sigh at the fact that I've been woken up again, but then I look up and see Kris standing there, which makes me less mad. A little. I sit up, rubbing my eyes while they adjust so I can see, but it's practically a lost cause without my contacts in, so I reach for my glasses instead and slip them on. It's then that I realize he's starring at me.

"What?" I ask while raking a hand through my hair, knowing I probably look frightening.

"Nothing," he chuckles while adverting his gaze from mine as I crawl out of the bed. "The guys are all going downstairs to eat, you wanna go?" he asks while throwing stuff into his suitcase.

"In this?" I ask while tugging on the bottom of the jersey, wishing it would magically get longer. I watch as his eyes travel down the length of my body, and what surprises me is the fact that I don't seem to mind. In fact, I find myself sticking my legs out more, as if to give him more to look at.

"Here," he says while throwing shorts and a t-shirt me. I catch it before making my way to the bathroom. I'm about to grab for my bra, but for some reason it looks like it's in a different place than where I put it. Shaking my head, I grab it and go and change.

We walk down for breakfast together, getting questioning looks from everybody as we sit down. I smile timidly, but I look over at Kris and he just has this huge grin on his face.

After breakfast, we grab my suitcase from the front desk. I change quickly, and then head out to meet the plane.

I sit patiently, waiting for the plane to take off, but I hate planes, so I know I'm a lot more tense than normal. I let out a big sigh as I look out the window, causing Kris to look over at me.

"It's going to be okay," he says with a laugh. "Really," he adds while reaching for my hand and holding it in his before turning his attention back to the magazine he was reading before. I look down at our linked hands and smile before relaxing back into the chair.