Thursday, April 23, 2009

[-Chapter 1-]

Okay, I would just like to point out that sadly I do not speak French, so any French in the story is going to be through a translator, so if you do happen to speak it and it's not exactly right or worded correctly, please overlook it... I'm doing the best I can. :-) This is just a short chapter, a preview if you will.. so sorry. :-(

Kailyn's POV

I sit at my regular coffee shop, laptop and text books surrounding me, sporadically placed to cover the table I'm sitting at. Yes, most kids are off enjoying their Christmas Break, but not me. Oh the joys of being a Law student.. I spend a majority of my time at this particular coffee shop, simply because it's the only one in Pittsburgh that stays open 24 hours, which just adds to my theory that American colleges focus more on partying than studying. I bet there is at least a dozen coffee shops that stay open 24 hours in Quebec, and they are nearly always filled into late hours of the night with students trying to cram for whatever exam they have next.

I see a rowdy group of guys making their way into the coffee shop and I can only shake my head. Yes, they are regulars, but they are also Penguins too. If I had more time on my hands I'd possibly be over there yucking it up, getting autographs and what not but in my current situation, I can only stare daggers at them as I look up over the rim of my classes, praying they leave soon so the coffee shop returns to silence.

I finally catch one set of eyes, and I can only pray that he can contain the rest of them. I've seen him around before and even though he seems like your typical quiet defenseman, I pray he can control the rest of the group, at least for the 30 minutes they are here. As if he understands the plea in my gaze he gives me a weak shrug and almost an apologetic smile.

Kris's POV

After practice, we all make our way to our coffee shop like normal. All the guys barrel out of their vehicles and I can only pray that they calm down soon. I don't know why we always decide on coffee, these guys are hyper enough without all the caffeine. Nevertheless, we open the door and file in and I can't help but glance around the room, hoping.

Just like I thought, I see her sitting at the same table she always is. I can see the exasperated look cross her face as her line of sight follows Max and Jordan up to the counter. I glance at them, and then back at her to find her gaze locked with mine, asking me with her eyes to keep them quiet. I shrug my shoulders, knowing that they are way to out of control before I follow their lead and go to the counter to order our drinks.

After I pay, I turn around to see that they picked a table maybe two away from hers. Lovely. The coffee shop has plenty of open areas, but no, they pick one in the same vicinity as her. Sighing, I make my way over and sit down next to them.

They continue talking, loudly I might add, but I don't join in. I can't take my eyes off of her, just watching her as she skims over the huge book in front of her, highlighting what she deems important. I focus my eyes on the title of the book, finding out it is about torts, whatever the hell that is. I'm brought out of my trance when the guys focus their attention on me.

"Dude, are you checking her out?" Jordan asks while bumping my arm, pointing over in her direction. I hardly have time to answer before the rest of them join in.

"Who?" Max adds, squirming in his seat until he can see past the heads in the booth across from us.

"Her," Jordan answers while pointing again. I see all the guys heads whip in her direction and I can't believe this is happening as she looks up from her book and right as us. Seeing the whole booth of guys staring at her, her cheeks turn a cute shade of pink before she smiles slightly and buries her head in her book again, obviously embarrassed. I can't help but notice how cute she is when she's embarrassed before anger comes over me. Do you think they could be subtle about it? No, of course not. They can't do anything nonchalantly, they are hockey players. She finishes reading whatever she is concentrating on before she starts gathering her stuff to leave. After getting her books rounded up she pulls a hat down over her luscious brown hair and slips into a coat before heading toward the door.

"Cute," Marc adds while nodding his head in approval as she walks past us and out the door. "She kinda has the sexy secretary thing going on." I look over at Geno, hoping he will be the voice of reason, but he has the same goofy grin plastered on his face as the rest of them do.

"Tangers, is this where your head has been lately?" Sid asks while throwing his empty water bottle at me. Leave it to the Prince of Pucks to be too uptight for a coffee every now and then..

"God, could you guys be anymore obvious?" I ask while throwing the bottle back in his direction. Geno opens his mouth to talk, but I continue before he has time to start. "Oh don't even. We all remember the way you drooled over Ty. Or better yet the way you still do," I say defending myself before getting up and throwing away my trash, only to hear their laughter as I leave the coffee shop and head back to my car.


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