Wednesday, May 27, 2009

[-Chapter 6-]

Whoo, Heather! You broke my writers block.. :-) lol Your comment gave me an idea, idk if it's brilliant or not, you all can be the judge of that in your comments below. :)

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Okay, Story time now.

Kris's POV

She looks at me, her eyes inquisitive and her lips pouty, the adorable expression that she gets when she is thinking about something. By this point, her hair is sticking to her neck in wet strands, her t-shirt clinging to the skin of her stomach, the skin I want to explore when my fingertips.. She catches me looking at her, and tilts her head to the side, a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

"Did you plan this?" she says while waving her hands in the hair before placing them on her hips, that attitude of hers that I love so much coming out in full force.

"No," I say while shaking my head defiantly. "If I could have thought of this, would I have done it? Most definitely," I say while smiling, only to find her smile just as big. "But no, I did not come up with this," I finish while pointing to the water spraying down on us.

"Okay," she answers while rolling her eyes, a smile still on her face before grabbing my hand and tugging me out of the room. We go down to the front desk, and they claim they don't know the reason for it either, so they arrange to have all of her clothing washed and dried before we are scheduled to leave in the morning.

I head back up to my room, and she follows timidly behind me. She walks in behind me, looking as if she's expecting something scary to jump out at her.

"Who are you rooming with?" she asks while looking around the room, her hands in her jean pockets, slightly rocking back and forth on her feet. I hold my laughter in check, thinking the last thing I need for her to do right now is to sprint out of the room.

"Philippe, he actually should be here pretty soon. He normally doesn't stay out too late."

"Oh. And it's okay that I'm here, right?" she questions while biting on her bottom lip, another nervous habit I've noticed she has.

"Yes," I chuckle while sitting down on the bed and flipping on the TV. "It's fine."

"Okay, I'm just gonna go shower real quick then," she calls over her shoulder before I hear the door to the bathroom click shut, sounds of the shower running emerging seconds later. I sigh, knowing that tonight could definitely be difficult for me, especially with her in my bed next to me.

True to her word, I hear the shower shut off in what only seems like a matter of minutes later, her coming out of the bathroom with her hair completely wet, a towel the only thing covering her body from my greedy eyes.

"Yeah, I don't have any clothes," she says while shrugging. "I didn't even think about that until I got out."

"Yeah, I didn't think about it either," I laugh while getting up and heading over to my suitcase, grabbing it and throwing it up on the bed. "Whatever is in here you are welcome to." She makes her way over to me, and grabs what's on top.

"This should do," she says while making her way back to the bathroom to change, and I automatically regret offering her anything in my bag, but then again I didn't think she would grab for my practice jersey either. She comes back out of the bathroom seconds later, and lucky for her she's rather on the short side, so it does cover most of her legs, but I can't help but let my eye roam over what skin is exposed. She climbs under the covers and pulls them up to her chin, snuggling in for the night I suppose.
Kailyn's POV
I thought he might have had something to do with my room, but either he is a damn good liar or I'm losing my touch, either way I find myself following him back up to his room. After getting in and out of the shower in lightning speed, it dawns on me that I don't have any clothes to wear. I wrap myself in a towel before opening the door, his eyes automatically drawn to my lurking figure. Normally, a guy looking at me like that would repulse me, but the only thing that seems to happen is my heart beat picks up and it feels like my stomach is doing somersaults. I try to shake it off before walking over to him and explaining the situation, grabbing the first thing in his bag in an attempt to not be picky. After I feel it in my hands, I automatically regret not being just a little pickier, but head to the bathroom and quickly change anyways before getting under the covers as quick as possible. The last thing I need is Philippe coming back and finding me half dressed.
We sit in silence, watching TV until finally Phlippe comes back. He glances over at me, but nothing more which makes we wonder just how many times he has walked in on this before. I look over at Kris, but he just looks down at me and gives me a slight smile before adverting his attention back to the TV. It's then that I realize exactly how cold in the room it is.
"Do you guys always keep your room this cold?" I ask while trying to keep my teeth from chattering, looking at him sitting on top of the covers in shorts and a t-shirt and thinking he is absolutely crazy.
"Yeah," he says nonchalantly while still starring at the TV. I pull at the covers, bringing them closer to me, if that was at all possible, and it finally gets his attention. He looks down at me before an amused smile crosses his face before I decide to just put my whole body under the covers, head and everything. "I thought you were from Canada," he jokes while shaking my hidden body.
"I am," I whine. "But it's only cold outside in Canada, which we clearly are not," I continue while popping my head out for emphasis before tucking it securely back under the covers where it had been previously before giving in to the pull of sleep.


  1. Ah, where do you get these amazing pictures of the guys? Ahem, shirtless Kris...

  2. Beautiful! Haha... I agree with Kailyn... He's totally lying! Two thumbs WAAAYYY up!