Wednesday, June 3, 2009

[-Chapter 7-]

Kate + Tavin---> Most of all of the pictures I have come from the lovely ladies here They know their stuff, and always keep me informed. :-)

Sorry for the lack of updates on this story, I just got so caught up in the others that this one kinda got put on the back burner so to speak. I have plans for this story though, massive ones. :)

Kris's POV

I wake up and can feel Kailyn's head pressed to my side, still completely covered by blankets which can only make me laugh, she can be so dramatic sometimes. Someone knocks on the door, but Philippe just lets them in on his way out. I can only shake my head as Jordan comes trudging into the room, throwing his suitcase down on the side of the bed I'm not on, and right onto a sleeping Kailyn. She jumps from being startled, her head coming out of under the blankets. She looks up at me, her tousled hair hanging down around her face, confused before turning around and looking at Jordan and pulling her head all the way out of the covers and snuggling closer to her pillow before quickly falling asleep again. A smile crosses Jordan's face as he traces over her sleeping form and runs his eyes over Letang written on the back of the jersey she is wearing, probably connecting the dots in his head.

"My bad," he says, his smile growing as he points toward Kailyn, thinking that is indicating enough. "Looks like it worked though."

"I was talking hypothetically, I didn't think you guys would do it," I say while shaking my head and glancing over and Kailyn to make sure she's still sleeping. "And, I also was thinking along the lines of her room getting overbooked, not sabotaging her clothes," I add while pointing over to where the clothes she was wearing last night, which are now hanging over the door to the closet to dry. I see the smirk on his face grow, and I know automatically what he's going to do, but he's 5 steps closer than I am, and I'm still laying down, so I have no chance of stopping him. He grabs her bra in his hands, looking at the tag.

"34 C," he says while shaking his head in approval. "Not bad." I give him a shot to the stomach, grabbing it from him and putting it back.

"Get out of here," I say while shoving him toward the door.

"Why? You have some unfinished business to attend to or something?" he asks while turning back over his shoulder to look down at me and making a detour to the bed to pick up his suitcase.

"Just go," I say while shaking my head and once again shoving him in the direction of the door, which he slams while he's leaving. I turn around to see Kailyn raising her head, trying to figure out what's going on before laying it back down on the bed and rolling over.

Kailyn's POV

I hear the door slam and can only sigh at the fact that I've been woken up again, but then I look up and see Kris standing there, which makes me less mad. A little. I sit up, rubbing my eyes while they adjust so I can see, but it's practically a lost cause without my contacts in, so I reach for my glasses instead and slip them on. It's then that I realize he's starring at me.

"What?" I ask while raking a hand through my hair, knowing I probably look frightening.

"Nothing," he chuckles while adverting his gaze from mine as I crawl out of the bed. "The guys are all going downstairs to eat, you wanna go?" he asks while throwing stuff into his suitcase.

"In this?" I ask while tugging on the bottom of the jersey, wishing it would magically get longer. I watch as his eyes travel down the length of my body, and what surprises me is the fact that I don't seem to mind. In fact, I find myself sticking my legs out more, as if to give him more to look at.

"Here," he says while throwing shorts and a t-shirt me. I catch it before making my way to the bathroom. I'm about to grab for my bra, but for some reason it looks like it's in a different place than where I put it. Shaking my head, I grab it and go and change.

We walk down for breakfast together, getting questioning looks from everybody as we sit down. I smile timidly, but I look over at Kris and he just has this huge grin on his face.

After breakfast, we grab my suitcase from the front desk. I change quickly, and then head out to meet the plane.

I sit patiently, waiting for the plane to take off, but I hate planes, so I know I'm a lot more tense than normal. I let out a big sigh as I look out the window, causing Kris to look over at me.

"It's going to be okay," he says with a laugh. "Really," he adds while reaching for my hand and holding it in his before turning his attention back to the magazine he was reading before. I look down at our linked hands and smile before relaxing back into the chair.


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