Thursday, June 18, 2009

[-Chapter 12-]

Short update in between boat rides, more coming soon, promise. :-)
Kailyn's POV

I feel like I've just been slapped in the face, maybe even a couple times. Not only that, I feel like my equilibrium has been set off, making it very hard for me to remain on the stool I'm perched on for fear of falling off of it into a heap on the floor all on top of fact that I think I'm hyperventilating. Yes, that's how freaked out I am.

It's been almost a month and a half, and he's already dropping the M word?

"Kailyn?" he asks, whistling to get my attention. My vision comes back into focus enough that I can finally see him leaning on the counter in between us, obviously amused at my lack of concentration.

"Sorry," I reply with a smile while shaking my head. "I've actually got to get going though," I continue while hopping off my seat and walking over to the sink and placing my plate in it, his eyes fixed on me the whole time. "Thank you for breakfast," I add while kissing him lightly on the lips and attempting to walk away, but he grabs me by my waist, not telling me get any further away.

"So you're just gonna eat and run?" he asks with a smile while pulling me onto his lap. "My cooking couldn't have been that bad," he jokes.

"No," I sigh while shaking my head. "Very good, promise," I say while sticking my pinky up, his quickly wrapping around it in our sacred pinky promise.

"Well then, what's up?" he asks. I bite my bottom lip, a nervous habit I know I need to break because I've just given myself away, now he knows somethings wrong. "Did I do something, say something?" he questions while taking my hand in his, subconsciously rubbing his thumb over the back of my hand, making me relax just a little.

"I.. ugh, you.." I stutter, before giving up on words and just looking up at him and shrugging my shoulders, not knowing how to start. He just smiles at me in response, obviously getting kick out of my uneasiness. I hit him in the chest, but even that just makes him laugh.

"I'm sorry," he says while raising his free hand up to his face, trying to cover his smile, but he can't get anything past me. "Please continue."

"Don't laugh," I demand, in a nice tone of course though. He raises his hands in surrender so I begin. "You said something about your mom early," I state with a shrug, but he just continues to stare at me, clearly not catching on so I continue. "Something about meeting her.."

"Oh," he replies nonchalantly. "Well yeah, I'm sure eventually you will. I was just saying hypothetically, if you met her, you'd like her."

I sigh in relief, causing him to laugh before taking my head in his hands and kissing me lightly.

"So are we good now?" he asks after he breaks away. I shake my head yes in response, not knowing what else to do. "Good," he says while a smile. "Now get out of here," he jokes while pushing me off the stool and in the direction of the door. I stick my tongue out at him, which makes him laugh at me like he always does, before I head to class.


  1. awww :]
    WHYYYY does kristopher have to be so freaking adorable?!
    i want one!
    thanks for updating!

  2. Love, love this story!! I like that they aren't moving super fast too!

  3. you are such a good writer! update soon! you're leaving us hanging!