Thursday, June 11, 2009

[-Chapter 10-]

So, I've been told this is the story that you all are dying for an update from. *cough* Kate + Tavin.. :) lol If you guys say what story you can't wait to read the next chapter to, I'll try my best to get it done first or make it a main priority. Idk about you all, but I keep getting my leading ladies mixed up. When I go through to proof read it, sometimes there will be a Rylie or a Andie mixed up in here, and I'm like wtf.? haha So I'm apologizing in advance for if that ever happens. :-) This is a short one (I know, it's been happening a lot here recently. I suck..) but it's all I've got time for tonight.. Sorry for the funky spacing, Idk how to fix it. :-S
Kailyn's POV
Note to self: Drinking is definitely not my thing.
I know it makes me say whatever is on my mind, and I know I would have had to have told him eventually, but I know that the whole 'I'm a virgin' speech is not one guys like to hear or participate in. For one, it scares the hell out of them. They all think that if by this point if we still are, we are waiting for Prince Charming, and that's some massive competition. Not to mention it puts pressure on them to be all romantic and polite when they probably have so many other things on their mind than that. It makes it more than the typical romp in the sheets, it makes it more special and meaningful, which also scares the hell out of them. Most of them run away screaming, not wanting the girl to get to attached or are in denial about the fact that they have a commitment now, or even far worse she falls in love with them. No, none of that is what a young hockey player wants to hear. If any of that goes down, it makes it hard for them to have their cake and eat it too.
My thoughts are moving so quickly through my mind that I hardly have time to think one all the way through before another one comes bouncing through, erasing the previous one completely.
All of this has me seriously considering slapping myself in the face, but I know that that would just make me look crazy on top of just safe, which in turn insinuates being completely boring, and who wants to be with a dead beat much less be her first, so instead I make a mental note to do it later, when I'm alone and he isn't watching me.
It's then that I come to the realization that he probably is still looking at me, but I can't tell because I have my eyes squeezed shut, too afraid to open them and see the deer caught in headlights look I'm sure is apparent on his face.
Maybe, just maybe when I finally get the courage to open them he won't be there. No, I could open my eyes and find myself alone in my dorm room, all of it just a dream or fictional events created by my imagination. It could be possible.. after all I did drink a lot tonight. I peek one eye open, and when I see him sitting there, the slightest look of amusement on his face caused by my mental break down I'm sure, I can only come to one conclusion...
I am going to be a damn good lawyer, because I definitely had myself convinced it wasn't real, this isn't real, but then I can still feel my lips tingling from where his had been moments before, and then I wonder how I could have ever doubted that this was really happening.
I open both eyes fully, still trying my best to hide behind my glasses which makes him chuckle before he reaches up and tucks my hair out of my face.
Damn him, if he's going to boot me out the door he could at least have some decency and stop playing games.
"I'm gonna head home," I state quietly while crawling off his lap and reaching for my coat, but his hand quickly wraps around mine and pulls me back down on the couch and into his lap.
"You can't seriously be leaving now," he starts while shaking his head, making me wish I could disappear, because this is definitely not something I want to talk about. "The movie is barely even half over. You said it was your favorite, I want to see why," he finishes with a warm smile.
I lean back against the side of the couch, draping my legs over his and wondering how I got so lucky as he covers me back up with a blanket. I can tell he is wondering, but won't ask about it for my benefit because he must have picked up on how tense I had gotten all of a sudden..
"What?"he asks when he realizes I'm still starring at him.
"Do you not want to talk about it?" I ask, trying my hardest to remain calm. "I feel like I owe you an explanation or something," I admit, my cheeks turning a shake of pink I'm sure.
"You don't owe me anything," he says with a shrug, his gaze still focused on the TV. "I do think it's kinda cute though," he adds with a smirk while putting his hand under my chin and lightly kissing my nose and then my forehead.
"Yes," he adds with a laugh, probably wondering why he has to repeat himself so many times before I finally believe him. "My innocent little Kailyn.." he says while roughing up my hair.
'I'm pretty sure I'd be his anything right about now' I think to myself before smiling up at him and turning my attention back to Ladder 49.


  1. I'm hoping there's still some follow-up on that situation. He handles it so well. Adorable!

  2. Awww... Tangers... So cute... *sigh* I want one... :)

    Short and sweet perfect for a Friday morning.

  3. I could handle being his anything too! :)

    This was cute though - I love that she didn't scare him off!

  4. Lauren, further proof we share a brain: I'd be his *anything* too... :P