Monday, June 22, 2009

[-Chapter 13-]

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Kailyn's POV

After sitting through hours of classes, I make my way to meet my best friend, Lacy, at the cafe we always go to. Things are moving so fast with Kris. I feel like I've been dating him for months, that I could trust him no matter what, but all of that is just really starting to freak me out, which is where Lacy comes into the picture. Lacy and I have been friends since we were about 7, so she knows me inside and out. Most of the time she can tell exactly what I'm feeling within seconds from just being around me. Normally, she's the one that tells me what I'm too naive to believe without prompting. She's been studying abroad for the past couple of months and today is the first time I'll see her since she's gotten back.

I walk through the doors, finding her sitting in our regular booth.

"Hey Lacy," I greet with a warm smile while sitting down and grabbing a menu, even though I practically have what is on it memorized, but for some reason I just feel like I need to keep my hands busy, like as if doing that maybe she won't be able to read me so easily.

She smiles back, starring at me intently as I look over the menu. I look back up to meet her eyes, and the patronizing look I see on her face tells me this is already going to be bad.

"What?" I ask innocently, shifting uncomfortably in my seat from her icy glare.

"Who's the guy?" she asks while tipping her head to the side, taking my every move into consideration I'm sure.

"What guy?"

"The one you're in love with," she says quietly while leaning across the table toward me.

"I'm not in love with him," I say defiantly while shrugging my shoulders and adverting my gaze back down to the menu that is shaking slightly in my hands now. Damn her and her super senses..

"OH MY GOSH, THERE IS A GUY!" she shrieks, causing everybody in the small, quiet cafe to turn and look at us. She doesn't pay them the slightest bit of attention, but I know my cheeks are getting red from all the attention.

"Lacy, be quieter," I whisper yell to her, but she still has a huge smile on her face and is almost bouncing up and down in her seat now. She takes a deep breath, her smile fading as she shows she's composed before leaning over the table again, her smile appearing once again.

"What's his name?" she asks calmly.

"Kris Letang," I reply extremely quietly, turning my face to the side as I feel my cheeks get hot again.

"WHAT?!" she shrieks again, causing everybody in the room to look over in our direction for the second time. "Like Kris Letang as in Kristopher Letang, as in Penguins hockey hunk?!"

"Shh, Lacy!" I whisper yell, looking directly at her this time.

"Okay, sorry," she says while raising her arms in surrender. "Well, that Kris Letang?" she presses on.

"Yes, you seem to be describing him well," I say, not being able to contain the smile from creeping onto my face, which almost throws her into a fit of kicks and giggles.

"How could you forget to mention something like this to me though? I'm kinda hurt," she pouts while raising her hands to her heart in a mocking way.

"Maybe the same way you forgot to tell me you were getting married, or how you are pregnant," I start, throwing out a lot of topics that seemed to slip her mind.

"Okay, point taken," she says while shaking her head, her hand self-consciously resting on her now swollen stomach just like it always does. "So you seem troubled about something, wanna talk about it?"

"You've lost your touch," I say with a smile, knowing that she knows exactly what I'm talking about. Months earlier, she wouldn't have had to of asked, she would have known.

"I've lost my touch, I've lost my figure, I've lost all control over what and how much I eat," she says while once again resting her hands on her stomach. "It just all goes down hill after 5 months, let me tell you."

"Have you picked names yet?" I ask, hoping to put off the conversation I know she's going to want to have.

"Jayden for a girl and Peyton for a boy, but stop changing the subject," she says with a smile.

"Well, I'm scared I guess," I offer, swirling my straw around in the cup in front of me.

"Typical Kailyn syndrome again?" she asks with a laugh, a motherly look coming across her face that makes me realize just how good of a mother she's going to be when the time comes. "What are you afraid of?"

"It's just happening so fast," I admit with a sigh. "He mentioned family today, like meeting them and then that really got me to thinking. This is all getting serious so fast, and I find myself depending on him, which is partly what scares me. I've never depended on anybody before, I've always been by myself, and even if it's nice to have someone to share stuff with, even that's scary, knowing I have to tell somebody everything. And then, most guys are all about sex. What if that's what he's after? I mean you know I haven't ever--"

"Slow down," she says with a laugh. "I know you haven't, but maybe he's not like that?"

"He doesn't seem to be," I sigh, my thoughts automatically going back to him, the way his hair hangs in his face when he just takes off his helmet, the way a smile crosses his face when he first sees me. I hear Lacy chuckle, and I look up to find her looking back at me, and I know that she knows that I was just thinking about him, so I just smile at her.

"You've told him though, right?" she asks, to which I just nod my head yes in response. "How did he take it?"

"Pretty well, I mean I was the one freaking out, jumping to conclusions and what not," I admit, knowing that it's very truthful. "I mean he took it as well as any man could, knowing that the deed won't be done for a while," I joke. She laughs at me before she squints her eyes like she normally does when she is in deep concentration.

"Maybe you could like test him or something?" she asks, moving her empty plate aside and scooting mine to the middle of the table where she can start in on my fries.

"Test him? What do you mean?"

"You know, like throw yourself at him, see if he has any restraint or not," she asks with a devilish grin.

"Test him," I say out loud, mostly to myself, rolling the idea around in my mind. "Isn't that kind of mean though?" I ask after seconds of deliberation.

"So is just wanting to get in your pants," she says with a shrug.

"True," I laugh, sitting back and listening to her idea of how things should go down and not being able to stop thinking that I've missed her and her wacky ideas, but mostly thinking about how I hope he passes the test. Oh, how I pray he does, I've already started to get too attached..


  1. I can't wait to see how the test goes. Poor Kris!

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    second or third whatever, I LOVE Lacy, she made me laugh.
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