Monday, June 15, 2009

[-Chapter 11-]

Whoo! Days later, and I'm still celebrating! :-)

Kris's POV

The movie finally ends and I look down at her, only to find that she is fast asleep. I move my arm a little, thinking she will wake up, but no. Nothing. She doesn't stir the slightest bit. I move my arm more, but she still only snuggles closer to me.

Not knowing what else to do, I pick her up and carry her into my bed room. After her being so forward earlier, the least I can do is let her have my bed tonight. I lay her down, grabbing a blanket and throwing it over her before reaching for the light and turning it off. I look down at her one last time, a smile growing on my face before I turn to head downstairs to sleep on the couch when she reaches out and grabs my hand.

"I don't bite," she murmurs through a smile before scooting over, leaving me room to lay down as she pulls me toward the bed.
"I don't know," I say while laying down, getting under the cover as she raises it for me before she snuggles up next to me. "I've heard the shy ones are the ones you've got to watch out for," I add while looking down at her, waiting for her reaction.
"This is true," she says with a little nod of her head before laughing and closing her eyes once again.
I don't know how I get myself into these situations. I like her, really like her, but now I'm almost afraid to even touch her, thinking that if I take things even the littlest bit to far, she might think I'm some kind of womanizer just trying to get her in bed, and even though at times I've wondered exactly what kind of body she's rocking under those clothes, I would never do something like that. That's why the guys say I'm still single and not getting any. I'm the nice guy, forever in the friend zone. Well, they were right about one thing, I definitely still won't be getting any now..
But that's okay.. I think Kailyn is more than worth it. She makes me smile, and I even look forward to seeing her after practices and games.
And she understands that sometimes I just can't hang out, I just don't have the time. She has her own things going for her, like countless hours of classes that she has to go to, countless hours of homework to do, so in the end it evens out. In fact, I think she has had to cancel plans just as many times as I have. I sigh before knowing that nothing else will be figured out tonight and giving in to how tired I am and quickly falling asleep.
Kailyn's POV
I enjoy a deep and peaceful sleep, but the smell of food brings me out of it the next morning. I get out of bed, walking down the stairs toward the kitchen, the smell getting stronger with every step I take. I continue walking until he's spotted me, but he just smiles before turning his back to me and continuing with what he was doing before. I sit down at the bar, watching him as he works before he places a cup of orange juice in front of me.
"Thank you," I offer, but he just smiles at me before turning back around. "You do know that women find men that can cook extremely sexy."
"Really?" he asks over his shoulder. "No. No, I didn't know that," he adds while turning around and leaning against the counter across from me.
"Mhmm," I murmur before taking a drink of my orange juice. "Because you've just had no experience with the opposite sex at all.." I joke.
"Women are a blur before you," he jokes back before turning around, turning his attention back to cooking.
"Wow, you're good," I laugh, knowing that I'm surely not the first his smooth talking has been used against. "Okay, I just have one question."
"Do you actually know how to cook?" I ask, making him turn around to look at me to see if I'm serious.
"How about a little faith.."
"I'm just asking, do you or do you not know how to cook?"
"Not a whole lot, but breakfast yes."
"This is your last chance to bail, I'm sure we could still make it to McDonalds in time for their breakfast menu..."
"Too late," he says while placing a plate in front of me. "It's done."
"Wow," I say while nodding my head in approval. "It sure does look good."
"It tastes so much better, promise," he adds with a smile before reaching for the syrup, drizzling it over the french toast before reaching for the sugar as well. He cuts a bite off, raising it to my mouth which I accept without a fight.
"You win," I confess while raising my hands, signaling defeat. "You are a very good cook." He just smiles at me in return, so I continue. "Who taught you?"
"My mom," he says while turning back around to make a plate for himself. "You're going to love her when you meet her."
Wait, what? When I meet her..?


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